1. Angel Wings

When I close my eyes
I’ll be gone from this place
I will see life from the other side

Cry not tears I am with you
Feel my angel wings around your soul
You are not alone

And you, you were the best thing in my life
And I pray for you over on this side
Forget not I am here
Look above and see my wings
Peering over you
You are not alone

You cannot come where my soul will be
Far and away
Hold my hand
I am so afraid

I will come love you
Guide protect you
Wrap my angel wings
Around your soul
You are not alone

And you enjoy the rest of your life
And I save your soul on this side
Only now I can see
After you lay my soul to sleep
How much I loved you girl
I entered the night
And moved toward the light
You are not alone

© Michael Gabriel 2005

2. Sweeper Man

Twisted and torn
Your hearts on the floor
Am I the sweeper man
Catching your fall
Grieving is never easy
You’re always alone
Unless someone can lighten you load

I hold you like I hold forever
There is strength in knowing
That there will be no more falling apart
Was I wrong lonely buying
What the loneliness sold to me

Lay with me
Lie not to me
Am I wrong
I’m the sweeper man
Catching your fall
You can cry with me
Try to tell me how you feel
I will listen, love
But I won’t let you down

You wanted a bridge
To guide you across
Anything to take pain away
But if pain is inside you
Pain will come find you
And when it does dear
Where will you run

This could be forever and a day
If we get past the past
Who plays havoc
Inside or worlds today

Will we run from the shadows eve
Well these tears are yours and mine to climb
Over the walls we built
We can find love in our hearts
Inside these open arms open wide
And the clouds will come
The rain will drop
It’s never a question of whether or not
It will and when it does
Where will we run
When the rain falls where will we run

© Michael Gabriel 2007

3. Bye-Bye So Long

It’s been over a year
Couch is where I sleep
On my third car
Given to me

I think I’m at the end
Driving back from the show
Hit from behind
Spinning out of control

Bye-bye, so long
Farwell my friends
I thought I would be here forever
Forever’s shown me
How forever ends
Bye-bye, so long

I’ve seen the fall
Like a broken damn
I’ve watched desire
Kill half the man

I never thought it’d be me
The one you would read about
The one who was dealing with struggle
But finding some answers
Life chose to check out

I was living hand to mouth
Never knowing each week
Where I would be in tomorrow
But I’d always followed
What always set me free
Bye-bye, so long

Living on the road
Longer than most
Sleeping under the stars
But we were sleeping alone

How she loved her man
How I loved her back
But she was loving a ghost
‘Cause now that’s all that she has

© 2008 Michael Gabriel

4. The Low Side of Down

You can be only you
Who your are
What you believe
This is how you were made

Can you deny
A truth that would die
To stay alive
You’re still learning to fly

But you’re living
On the low side of down
And you want to get back
To where you belong

And if it takes to your life
There’s no need to step down from the call
You’ll survive every fall
You can only be yourself
To be any good at all

So hard to find
A friend of your kind
Mine have been so lovely to me

And I won’t forget
In all that I’ve met
How the heart turns to gold on the sleeve

Have you heard
The one about the one
Down and out
Nothing going his way

Until he heard
It’s what you give
With all you have
Magic can happen
As long as you imagine it to

© 2007 Michael Gabriel