1. Bye-Bye So Long

It’s been over a year
Couch is where I sleep
On my third car
Given to me

I think I’m at the end
Driving back from the show
Hit from behind
Spinning out of control

Bye-bye, so long
Farwell my friends
I thought I would be here forever
Forever’s shown me
How forever ends
Bye-bye, so long

I’ve seen the fall
Like a broken damn
I’ve watched desire
Kill half the man

I never thought it’d be me
The one you would read about
The one who was dealing with struggle
But finding some answers
Life chose to check out

I was living hand to mouth
Never knowing each week
Where I would be in tomorrow
But I’d always followed
What always set me free
Bye-bye, so long

Living on the road
Longer than most
Sleeping under the stars
But we were sleeping alone

How she loved her man
How I loved her back
But she was loving a ghost
‘Cause now that’s all that she has

© 2008 Michael Gabriel

2. Beautiful Lines

Time won’t leave me 
Alone anymore
And I can’t seem to swim 
Away from your shore
I have tried to right 
The wrong in my life
Smile and bring beautiful lines 
Upon your face

I can hear whispers 
From your soul
Like wind through the trees
You move me 
How I love to feel

Remember when you said 
A flame would die in distance
How that fire grows 
When two shores 
Can no longer live
Oceans away

Through everything that you do 
Is the love I have for you
Smile and bring 
Two bays to one shore
Smile and bring 
Beautiful lines upon you face
Beautiful lines upon your face

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

3. The Autumn Moon

Weathered tools all rusted
Unforgiving sands of time
Falling fast as the rain and the wind
Leaves broken hearts behind

I want to look you in the eyes
And tell you I am fine
But there have been bumps along the way
And there are still hills here left to climb

I want to believe 
We can be more
Than when we’re on our own
The autumn moon
Fades without a sun

Will you take my hand
So we can let go of why we thought
Strength was being alone
And set sail
Sail where we belong
None other than love

You’ve seen me sore the skies
And dig my early grave
There’s just a few more colours inbetween
Yet to see
Like your spirit next to mine

I felt your warm embrace
Seen the icy gate you keep
In a fort you built for safety
Be with me my love 
We’ll melt the freeze

I don’t know how long these sails
Will catch the wind we make
From open hearts
Comes the endless breeze
The chance we need to take
None other than love

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

4. Brick and Mortar

You’re not going crazy
It’s where we are now
I’ve never seen so many hands in the jar
When rules have been made
And blood has been paid
The price of life keeps beauty below

So, try a little harder
Use that brick and mortar
You’ve been building your whole life thus far
And just a little further
Don’t give up on courage
There’s a reason that reason won’t always see

Don’t get me wrong
Love and light always win
A fact that noble lives count on
I don’t know about you
I’m not a gambling man
How many heads we flip
Before tails we lose

Well, I’ve heard of an open door
It’s not so far away
A garden gate where flowers grow
Whatever weather’s made
Every seed will find her
Sunlight to guide her
Into a bloom that’s in all of you

There’s a higher law
Than the one that was made
By the powers with power in mind
It’s the one that rises
When truth has decided
Enough’s enough with deception and lies

So, you can never forget
The joy that is spread
When smiles fill over the land
Because it always starts
When we blanket the dark
That can surround this world
More than the stars

© 2007 Michael Gabriel

5. It's Not Like Me

The early days
I walked away
Rolled up my sleeves
Never behaved
I was just a fool

Time wore on
My heart grew strong
Or so I thought it did
They were just walls
Building high

It’s not like me
To say right now
I don't know love
And I don't know how
To make it through
When I'm on fire

Every I’ve tried before
I’ve pushed away
And I've closed the door
On lovers and friends
Dear to me

I’ve been on planes
A time or two 
When I arrived
It was always you
Standing tall
You'd shake my hand and say

I’m the man inside of you
Who takes those hearts
Breaks them in two
And I've known you now
For a long time
But you’re not mine

This part inside my heart
I'm working hard
To let go of
To let go of
What no longer belongs
Between us

So here we are
Today right now 
And I don't know why
And I don't know how
You found me
You found me

Could it be
The man inside
Had a plan one day
For him to decide
Whose heart I could hold on to
Open to

© Michael Gabriel 2012

6. Shine

Rest here for a while 
You tired eyes sure seem sad 
You cannot loose what you have always had
There are those who like to dream 
And those who learn to fly
A dream is just a dream until you try

Turn the page 
Close the door 
Walk away 
Nothing’s for sure 
Things you tell yourself 
When you’re not well

You will shine 
You will find 
All the answers 
Just be kind
To you heart 
The only one who knows the way

You tell me you deserve 
To be somewhere but here 
Have a look at all the choices made
There’s a way to happiness
The smile you had
It lies inside what you decide to give

Turn the page 
Close the door 
Walk away 
Nothing’s for sure 
Things you tell yourself 
When you’re not well

You will shine 
You will find 
All the answers 
Just be kind
To your heart 
The only one who knows
Who you are and how to get back home

The next time I see you 
The sun might be shining strong
And we will laugh at what you thought was real

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

7. Marianne

With you I stand 
Frighten all these ghosts away

I’m haunted by one million tries 
Who challenge the love 
Shadow a ray

Blinding hope 
Blinding faith 
You’ve made a wondering fool of me
Marianne, how I love what you bring

Every step I take 
I’m making for you 
With all of my life

Heart is hurting 
Travel burdens
I promise I’ll never burn out your light

I’ll honour my will 
Defies the fading 
What I started can never depart 
If I welcome you into my life
Marianne, hand in hand we’ll arrive

You we here when I was gone
I thought I would let you go
When the day never came 
And the night was so long

Blinding hope 
Blinding faith 
Guiding my every move I make 
And I’m aching for you 
And I’ll never leave 
Marianne, how I love what you bring

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

8. Shattered Heart

There’s a sun and there’s a moon
There’s our world’s away
I thought if I could shine real bright
I’d bring the night to day

I was wrong to love you
For everything I thought we could be

Shattered heart you always leave me 
With the feeling and believing 
We could be so happy 
If we defined the one day world
Here for now
I’ll go on
Loving with what’s left on my sleeve

Your smile lit up my life
Girl, I thought we had it made
In you I could see myself
And I tried to reflect the same

You were wrong to love me
For everything you thought we could be

Time to go now
And I must leave
I will not hold you close
You will not kiss me
We built our walls tall
Stronger then we are
We’ll keep pretending
Pieces look together 
When we’re standing from afar

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

9. Live While You Can

A pond to one day be a queen
Chasing distant treasures 
To bring diamonds
To a house of gold

Blinded by her diamond eyes
Bounded by the chasing life
She never saw what she had

In her younger days she would believe
In the crazy places hearts can lead
But now second guesses why

Live while you can
Win or loss 
The same
The ebb and flows
Will come and go
It’s how your heart remains
Live while you can

Now the wind has changed
The rain washes grey
And the sun lights up the ground
She finds her way
Through the rubble
Understands why the trouble
Crashed her walls on down
So she could see

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

10. Far Way

On a map
The distance
Doesn’t seem far away
I want to hold your body close to mine
Feel your breath on my face

When we said good-bye 
Bye was all we had left 
It’s been seven months and seven days
And my far is to have regret

I’m never too far away
A thought away
A few numbers if you dial
There’s nothing in this world 
I wouldn’t leave for you
Funny how time away
Can dry the rain 
Thoughts of you enslave me now
Hear this letter from my heart
For love’s return somehow

Many places I have been
Many people I have met
I thought you were the one
I thought I’d be hard to forget

I’ve never heard of beautiful love without change
I’ve never seen a life lived without tears
But if we cannot water flowers darling
Gardens we made disappear

Its midnight now
I hear someone at the door
Could it be you heard my heart speak
For loves return for us 
Forever more

© 2011 Michael Gabriel

11. Angel Wings

When I close my eyes
I’ll be gone from this place
I will see life from the other side

Cry not tears I am with you
Feel my angel wings around your soul
You are not alone

And you, you were the best thing in my life
And I pray for you over on this side
Forget not I am here
Look above and see my wings
Peering over you
You are not alone

You cannot come where my soul will be
Far and away
Hold my hand
I am so afraid

I will come love you
Guide protect you
Wrap my angel wings
Around your soul
You are not alone

And you enjoy the rest of your life
And I save your soul on this side
Only now I can see
After you lay my soul to sleep
How much I loved you girl
I entered the night
And moved toward the light
You are not alone

© Michael Gabriel 2005

12. The Low Side of Down

You can be only you
Who your are
What you believe
This is how you were made

Can you deny
A truth that would die
To stay alive
You’re still learning to fly

But you’re living
On the low side of down
And you want to get back
To where you belong

And if it takes to your life
There’s no need to step down from the call
You’ll survive every fall
You can only be yourself
To be any good at all

So hard to find
A friend of your kind
Mine have been so lovely to me

And I won’t forget
In all that I’ve met
How the heart turns to gold on the sleeve

Have you heard
The one about the one
Down and out
Nothing going his way

Until he heard
It’s what you give
With all you have
Magic can happen
As long as you imagine it to

© 2007 Michael Gabriel

13. Penelope Rose

Penelope Rose is a riddle
Puzzle pieces will define
She strangles fear and follows love
She colours outside the lines

She found friends defending
Compromise and selling lies
They called her crazy
If she’s crazy
It was a crazy I stood by

She’s living for the only thing that matters
Giving every inch to be set free
She’s not the fallen
She’s the open
Holding on to having a dream

I’m living for the only thing that matters
I’m giving every inch to set her free
If you see her
Tell her that I miss her
Not to come home for me

She headed east to hear
A new point of view
But everyone from everywhere said
Be a good person no matter what you do

She feels so far away
She’s far too far
Oh, I’ll never be the one to be in her heart’s way

I heard she’s on life’s highways
Driven her ride her way
Stops for flowers
Sometimes lovers
She always dance and roll with the thunder

If you see her
Tell her that I miss her
I will always believe

© 2011 Michael Gabriel